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Automatic Transmission – Auto service, Auto flush, Honda transmission fluid, filter, hard shifting, check engine light
If you are having transmission problems on your Honda vehicle, such as a check engine light accompanied by shifting concerns or if your vehicle is shifting hard or slipping (not going when you push on the gas), then bring your Honda to Mechanic Walnut Creek. Our Walnut Creek auto service technicians have expert diagnostic abilities to be able to pinpoint the problem accurately and effectively. Our recommendations will be based on what we find in our extensive testing and your priorities for your vehicle.

Mechanic Walnut Creek Service is also able to perform all the necessary maintenance and service recommended by the factory. We will take into account your driving style and habits in order to put together a maintenance schedule to fit your driving needs.

Manual Transmission – clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, synchro's, service, repair, overhaul, rebuild

A Honda transmission auto service is a complex and important part of your vehicle. Without the transmission, your vehicle would be unable to shift gears and keep up with the pace of your lifestyle. The technicians at Mechanic Walnut Creek have many years of experience diagnosing and repairing Honda transmissions. From performing routine auto service maintenance to tearing apart and rebuilding to replacing, our ASE Master Certified technicians have the experience it takes to fix your transmission right the first time.

If your Honda manual transmission pops out of gear, grinds while shifting gears, or is making an abnormal noise, the mechanics at Mechanic Walnut Creek have the auto service skills and knowledge to get your manual transmission repaired correctly. Popping out of gear could be caused by misadjusted shift linkage, broken motor mounts, or internal transmission damage. Grinding while shifting could be caused by improper clutch adjustment or internal transmission wear. Abnormal noises could be caused by a variety of internal problems. At Mechanic Walnut Creek we duplicate your concern before attempting any type of auto service. From a complete overhaul to a simple fluid change, no job is too big or too small.

If your clutch is slipping, it may be misadjusted, it may be oil soaked, or it may be a problem in the clutch hydraulic system. If it's misadjusted, the fix is simple with the right tools and knowledge. If it's oil soaked, the clutch needs to be replace and the oil leak diagnosed and repaired. If it's a problem in the clutch hydraulic system, start by checking your fluid. Add only brake fluid. Then bring it in to Mechanic Walnut Creek for thorough inspection and diagnosis.

Sometimes the whole transmission needs to be replace, but a new transmission is not always the answer. At Mechanic Walnut Creek we are committed to educating our customers and helping them to make the best decision based on their circumstances. We will thoroughly diagnose your manual transmission problem, discuss your options with you, and let you decide which course of action to take.

Transmission Auto Service

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